Conversations with Juris Jurjāns

Marika Rozenberga


“I am a bearded and wrinkled man with harmful habits” – says the painter Juris Jurjāns about himself. However, his contemporaries – Imants Vecozols, Džemma Skulme, Ingrīda Burāne and other significant figures consider Jurjāns an important person in Latvian art.

In her book, Marika Rozenberga has summarized the painter’s thoughts and insights into life and art. The narrative outlines episodes of Latvian history related to the course of Jurjāns and his family. The artist has led an active and bright life both in art and in public life.
The glorious edition illustrates the painter’s narration by about 100 reproductions of his paintings.

Author: Marika Rozenberga, translator: Andra Bowditch, editor: Liene Kalniņa, designer: Anna Aizsilniece
Additional info : 192 pages, hard cover, size 28,6 cm x 22 cm x 2,5 cm, weight 1,28 kg